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How we started

We like to share perfumes but also love jewelry

Perfume Surprise is a monthly perfume & jewelry discovery box with luxury designer brands. I like to be surprised and could not find that in any beauty box on the market. Most beauty boxes only offer one perfume to try for the whole month and that's not fun. I have read so much about subscription boxes and have noticed that, there isn't any box out there that offers perfume and jewelry together, so I found a solution to offer 5 different perfume samples selected around a monthly theme.

How does that work? If the theme of the month is inspired by oriental fragrances, you will receive perfumes from different designer brands, which have a unique blend of warmth and sensuality. The bouquet would include intensive substances like vanilla, wood, exotic flowers and spices.

Our collectible charms in the jewelry set will also be inspired by the monthly theme.

DISCLAIMER: Perfume Surprise is wholly independent and separate from the designer or the designer's manufacturers. Perfume Surprise states that the contents are genuine product independently rebottled by Perfume Surprise, Miami, FL 33186

Why should you subscribe?

Perfume Surprise offers you one of the biggest sample selections to try at home, and with over 12 ml of luxury perfumes, you have enough for a full month's supply. Perfume Surprise is the only monthly perfume subscription service with luxury designer perfume brands and collectible jewelry for you to try, enjoy and keep for only $24.99/month. Yes, that is right, you also get a unique collection of jewelry. Each month you will receive five spray bottles of 2.5 ml with designer perfumes, carefully selected around the theme of the month and a jewelry surprise set.

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